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Company Background
Kimplas Piping Systems Private Limited, an ISO 9001:2008 Company certified by BSI, was established in Nashik, India in the year 1996 to produce Electrofusion (EF) Fittings for use in Gas and Water Distribution Systems and Industrial Applications.
Its Products carry major UK ( Kitemark & WRc-Nsf ) and European ( DVGW) Certifications and are widely accepted worldwide.

It has a “Pioneer Manufacturer” status in India for production of EF Fittings as it was the first to manufacture and introduce EF Fittings in India. By now it has supplied millions of fittings since 1997 to City Gas Distribution Companies in India, UK and in MENA countries. It has successfully introduced EF Fittings in Drinking Water Systems and is today the Market Leader in India both in the Gas and Water Segments for EF and Compression Fittings.

The Company is the owner of the “TRUSTLENE” Brand for Pipes and Fittings. It does not manufacture MDPE Pipes but has dedicated suppliers who make the Pipes as per its specifications using specified material sourced by it. They are authorised to mark only those pipes supplied to it by the trademark “TRUSTLENE”.

Its deep commitment towards quality installation can be gauged by the fact that Kimplas helps in developing the required trained manpower to overcome shortage of trained /skilled manpower for EF jointing. Kimplas has a full time training and certification team which undertake regular training program at customer premises, sites and factory. Kimplas has trained more than 1700 people for Electrofusion jointing. It also provided support to customers for setting up good practices in installation of Piping Network.

The avowed Company object is expand operations to keep pace with the fast growing markets in India and to become a significant player in the world markets. Kimplas Ltd. is a subsidiary of Kimplas Piping Systems Ltd, India, Part of the NORMA Group APAC division.

We, at Kimplas Ltd. are committed to offering unsurpassed service and products to its clients in the Gas and Water Utilities Distribution Segments.

With our stores in Thatcham- NORMA Group warehousing, and our Sales and Technical operating office in Braintree in Essex, we at Kimplas Ltd. are well placed to supply our customers as far apart as the Isle of Wight to Inverness (and further afield) with our extensive range of :
  • Trustlene Electrofusion and Compression Fittings (including our unique 32x20mm EF Tapping Tee, and Couplers to 315mm SDR11, all to GIS PL2-4. PE100 4.0 pins
  • Bagging and Purge Saddles/Repair GIS PL2-4
  • Spigot Fittings to En1555-3
  • Geothermal U-Bend Loops
  • Water Manifolds
  • High Quality Transition (PE-metal) Fittings.GIS PL3 approved (Recanati)
  • PE Ball Valves to GIS V7 (Banides)
The Company’s focus is on “Water” and “ Energy” as its Products are used in Drinking Water Systems, Micro Irrigation Systems, Piping Systems for Housing Colonies (Buildings) and Infrastructure Projects and for City Gas Distribution.

Listening to our customers wants and needs and responding to them with innovative products and future developments, is our aim

Its manufacturing facilities are centralised in Nasik with Marketing Offices all over India. It functions through four distinct segments:
Gas Distribution
Water Distribution
Building and Infra
Irrigation Products

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