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“Building & Infrastructure” Segment focuses on External Water Supply Mains buried below the ground, using MDPE Pipes & Electro Fusion Fittings up to 315mm for City Distribution Projects & Residential Townships.
>> Pipe Sizing & piping layout, if required, on chargeable basis. Normally the piping layout drawing along with pipe sizing is issued to us from clients end for preparing first estimates.
>> Preparation of detailed BOQ for Pipe & all Fittings from clients piping layout drawing.
>> Supply of MDPE Pipe, Electro Fusion & Other Fittings & accessories.
>> Complete Installation including pipe jointing using Electro Fusion Machine and supporting Tools & Tackles, hydro testing and commissioning.
>> Excavation & Backfilling if desired by the client. Otherwise, this is normally carried out by client under our guidance as per standard norms.
>> Preparing the reconciliation and advising client on LOT wise movement of material as per priority identified on piping layout drawing by the client end.
Project Management Scope :-

We have full fledged Projects Department to execute the External Water Supply Projects on turnkey basis across the country in the municipal as well as the private residential townships. We work with a scope of work to suit the convenience of the client. Our scope mainly includes preparation of detailed BOQ for Pipe, Fittings, Valves etc, Supply of MDPE Pipes, Electro Fusion & Compression Fittings and Installation under our own supervision, Testing & Commissioning. This includes total Project Management under our Scope of Work.

Design & Piping Layout :-
Normally the pipe sizing & layout work is carried out by the Service Consultants. This includes pipe sizing based on given parameters such as water demand & other usage details, pressure drop/ head loss calculations, pressure rating selection and finally preparing the piping layout. We collect these drawings and prepare the detailed BOQ for Pipes & all Fittings. These estimates are achieved very close to actual level. We also can take care of pipe sizing & design, on chargeable basis, if required by specific client.
Installation :-
Complete installation for Pipe Laying, Jointing, Testing & Commissioning from well trained project execution team under our supervision.
Training :-
We carry out onsite training programs for Builder’s Project Staff on MDPE Pipes & Electro Fusion Jointing Technique etc.
Warranty :-
We warranty our products for 15 years for their workmanship & defects. The scope of the warranty is decided based on mutually agreed Scope of work.
AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) :-
We can take AMC based on mutually agreed scope for External Water Supply Project executed by us.
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