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Training Module - Water Piping Systems for EF Welders
Duration :- 5 working hours10.30 am to 5.00 pm. (Technical Presentation, Practical Demonstrations, Interaction).
Scope :- Covers the following topics in the training session:
1) MDPE/HDPE material Specification / Technical details:
>> MDPE/HDPE material properties / characteristics.
>> Standards / Specs. of material
>> Types of materials: PE80, PE100.
2) ‘TRUSTLENE’ MDPE/HDPE: Pipes and fittings range, Specifications, Technical details:
>> Brief details of coiled pipes & MDPE/HDPE pipe properties, its benefits, ease of installation / maintenance,
>> Standards / Specs. - pipes & fittings range (SDR rating, diameter size etc.) PE80, PE100 materials,
>> Types of fittings (couplers, branch tees, tapping tees, reducers, elbows, end caps, Transition fittings etc.
3) Jointing techniques --- Electro-fusion
>> Brief details of basics of Electro-fusion techniques.
>> Fusion time, cooling time for EF Fittings, bar code significance, repeat fusion of interrupted fusion cycles,
>> Do’s & don’t for EF fitting, methodology for proper fitment of fittings.
4) MDPE / HDPE to Metal Jointing details.
>> Types of metal to plastic jointing threaded jointing (transition fittings)
5) Welding equipment, tools/tackles.
>> Details of Electro-fusion Machines – Manual and Barcode reader type.
>> Generator requirements.
>> Tools & Tackles – Scrapers, Top loading clamps, pipe holding clamps, re-rounding clamps, TT cutter hex keys, pipe cutters and accessories, squeeze tools, test caps, pipe rollers.
6) Pipe Laying and Trench details.
>> Unpacking of pipes, Laying of pipes.
>> Trench details, types of trench, scaffolding, bedding, backfilling, compacting.
>> Identification/Tracing tape
7) Pressure testing.
>> Pneumatic pressure testing methodology, do’s & don’t, pressure test equipment, tools/tackles
8) Repairs Maintenance Operation: "If Pipe line burst / puncture / leakages found due to any reason" 
>> Quick and emergency repairs with Squeeze tools & Repair saddles.
Conclude the program with Interactive question-answer-session.
During the above training & technical presentations, the following demonstrations are provided:
>> Electro-fusion Socket type fittings
>> Electro-fusion Saddle type fittings, online tapping technique, Trustlene TT features.
>> Fitting of EF couplers on fixed buried pipes by removing pipe stoppers & sliding the couplers.
>> Patching of small punctures with EF repair saddles / tapping tees (TT)
>> Use of squeeze tools in emergency.
Practical & Oral Examination -- All participants are required to make two joints – 1 Saddle type + 1 Socket type.
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