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Quality Policy
In order to exceed customer expectations worldwide, we recognise the importance of quality throughout the whole of our operation process. Quality is paramount through the operation of a quality assurance system in accordance with BS EN ISO 9001.2008

Constant evolvement in our manufacturing facilities and people. Ensures that we are utilising the latest technology the highest standards of raw material and developing new products to meet the demands global markets.

We are aware that buyers and Engineers have a choice of which brand of connection technology to use and constantly strive to be able to offer high value products to ensure that you choose the Kimplas Trustlene brand over any other available in the market.
  Rest assured that quality is at the forefront when considering:
Innovative product designs
arrow Manufacturing excellence
arrow Inspection certification
arrow testing facilities
arrow Re cycled packaging
arrow Low carbon footprint distribution
arrow Efficient delivery
arrow Premier customer service
We are confident that our products will exceed the quality customers require but still ensure cost effective solutions .
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