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Manufacturer and Supplier of wide range of Pipes and Fittings

Kimplas is the largest manufacturer in India of world class Electrofusion (EF), and Compression Fittings and Valves, Welding Machines and Tools.
MDPE Pipes are sourced from dedicated suppliers who manufacture as per Kimplas specifications and quality requirements using materials sourced by it. Spigot and EF Fittings above the current range of 125mm OD are sourced from well known reputed European Manufacturers.

It is planned to expand the range of EF Fittings to 180 mm OD by end of 2011 and to 315mm OD by mid 2012.

It has modern Mould manufacturing facilities supported by a team of experienced Design Development Team and is constantly expanding/improving its range of products and developing new special Fittings to meet market demands.

Kimplas markets through four Business Segments.
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