Electrofusion Branch Saddles

Kimplas Electrofusion Flexi-Fit Branch Tapping Saddles are manufactured in PE 80 (Black) material with threaded metal insert outlets and are of SDR 11 rating ( PN 12.5). For exact recommendations on compatibility, for welding with SDR 9 through SDR 21 or PN 6 through PN 16 pipe, refer Kimplas Technical Specifications Manual. Kimplas Electrofusion fittings are suitable for permanently connecting drinking water distribution MDPE 80 and PE 100 pipes, both in straight form as well as in coil form.



  • PE Pipe Compatibility : ISO:4427 -2, IS : 4984, EN: 12201-2.
  • Complies with EN12201- Part 3 for Water. AS/NZS 4129 for Water

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Electrofusion Branch Saddles